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REH King's Herbal

"Walang Gamot sa Kamatayan, May Lunas ang Kamatayan"

Ka Rey Herrera

REH (Rey E. Herrera)

It was REH’s hope for a cure for his worsening ailments that REH, Ka Rey E. Herrera discovered the wonder herbal food supplement.

How to Order

How to Order?

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Customer Support

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What is REH Herbal?


Both the typical modern medicines and natural alternative medicines won’t be a guarantee to be a 100% enough in one particular serious disease. Sometimes, we used to found out an instance like this afterwards. Or worse, the patient might be in a critical condition already. There are numerous remedial breakthrough are claims the effectiveness yet only few which are really proven that it works. Another herbal medicine was introduced to the market and field of medicine field, and challenged other natural alternative medicines – the REH Herbal Food Supplement.

This God-giving gift, the REH Herbal was invented by Rey E. Herrera. Ka Rey, as how the Filipinos used to call him in the Philippines, was diagnosed with a malignant cancer and diabetes in 1994. Because of this, his doctor allotted him three months to live. Ka Rey never loses his hope that he will still be able to live longer beyond the said ultimatum. His determination and eagerness to live brought out himself in formulating herbal medicines. Today, Ka Rey Herrera is enjoying his healthy life while became younger as if did not suffer from any serious illness. Ka Rey Herrera is now sharing the Kings Herbal not just exclusively for the Filipinos but for all the citizens around the globe.

REH Herbal works in three different ways according to the gathered statistics. These are the continuous detoxification of the body, strengthening of the immune system and in due course, work with it, take advantage of it, use it to efficient execute its primary function and that is to protect the body from any attack, and regenerate non-functioning organ.

Through the TV program BITAG at the UNTV channel, REH Herbal was be able to reveal in public the documentations as well as the improvements happened during the challenge. REH Herbal requested the metabolic disease patients to come over the UNTV channel to be one of the members of a program which was entitled as “recover first before paying” (for the used herbal blend).

Among the modern medicines and other herbal medicines of today, only the Kings Herbal is using the body’s army.



Kings Herbal Facebook Kings Herbal Twitter Kings Herbal Google Plus Kings Herbal Youtube



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