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King's Herbal

Its all your Choice! You can buy directly on the nearest REH Herbal Sales Outlet into your household and we can also deliver it to our place. We are selling five kinds of REH Herbal products (King's Herbal, Queen's Herbal, Herbal Tea, Herbal Soap and Herbal Cream).


100% All Natural Extracts

Ka Rey Herrera’s Herbal – REH Kings Herbal Food Supplement Fruits, Vegetables & Herb Fusion (Liquid) No Preservatives,

No Artificial Color and Flavor

No Approved Therapeutic Claim

REH Herbal
Manufactured by: REH Herbal Trading & Manufacturing
P999 New


Kings Herbal have a Miracle Berry (Red Berry) with vigorous Polyphenols instill in every bottle that can give immense Phytonutrients to fight toxins in our body. It is also the top of the line product of Kings Herbal and suggested for people with rigorous health issues that needed vital boosting of their immune system.

Kings Herbal - Recommended Intake:

Shake well before intake.

Take 30ml at least 20 minutes before breakfast.

Take 30ml at least 20 minutes before lunch

Take 30ml at least 20 minutes before dinner.

For children, at least 30 minutes before every meal.

For severe condition of ailments, it is advisable to take Kings Herbal with Queens Herbal.

Please strictly follow the recommended intake of at least 20 minutes (for adult) or 30 minutes (for children) before every meal to make sure there are no other foods substances that mixes with Kings Herbal. This process is proven to make Herbal’s most effective.


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